The history of rock bands featuring brothers is well known by those that love the genre. Classic rock is full of stories of great bands with brothers: The Kinks; The Allman Brothers Band; The Ramones; AC/DC; Radiohead, among others.

There are also other rock and roll bands with brothers that are also worthy of note. One such band is Victims of The New Math, a duo comprised of two brothers who, while they are separated by a couple of thousand miles these days, persist to write and record music together, made possible by the convenience of the Internet.

The brothers are - Thomas Young and Joseph “Joe” Young. While Thomas lives in Phoenix, Arizona, Joe resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. Among other commonalities that brothers share, the duo's strongest bond just may be music, and mathematics, with Joe becoming a programmer and Thomas an engineer.

Since they were teens, and to this day, the Young's are enthusiastic consumers, and creators, of mid-1960s to early 1970s pop-rock, with particular fancy for artists and bands like The Beatles; The Kinks; David Bowie, and Pink Floyd.

On releases like their new drop, Satellite Head, you'll hear how the brothers take those influences and combined with their own decades of songwriting, playing and recording, create pop-rock, energetic, meaningful songs. And they're OK with not being rock stars in the larger world; but for their fans, friends and family, they are Victims of the New Math.

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