New Music, New Blog from Victims of the New Math

Hey everyone, Thomas from Victims of the New Math here with some exciting news – We have a new EP coming out very soon!!!! The EP is titled “I Believe.” This will be our 4th release, our first release of 2019, and our first ever EP, with all our other releases being full albums.

Why the change to an EP? Well, in the modern music world, there is a ton of product and information coming at people pretty much non-stop. We received some good advice from our publicist that sometimes less is more – with so much out there to choose from, presenting 4 or 5 songs instead of 10 to 15 is much more palatable to the listener. And trust me, I get it. An album fan all my life, it pained me a bit to scale things back – In my mind albums are great because they allow so much for an artist – a few feature tracks (your single material), some up tempo rockers or songs with a good groove, some slow songs, and some experiments to challenge your fans a bit – all sequenced to the perfect listening experience.  I just think albums allow so much creativity, and give you the chance to take a few more risks with your sounds. But with so much product floating around, full albums can be intimidating to listeners, especially when you are relative unknowns trying to build an audience and don’t have a huge following (yet!).

So here we come with an EP of 6 songs, six songs that cover just under 18 minutes of what we think is pretty terrific music. 

I’ll be back next week to talk release date (end of April – I’ll have the specific date soon) and influences for the tracks. In the meantime, check out the cover art – a pic of the blood moon my son Nick took, that our good friend Nick Markwardt applied his magic to, creating the awesome image and lettering you see here!

Thanks for checking out the blog. Weigh in on the LP vs EP debate – what do you prefer? What is more likely to catch you attention?