Release Date Set for "I Believe"

Hi everyone, Thomas here again, with a new blog on our new release! If you read the first blog, thank you! If not, check it out below!!!

So, first the big news – we have a release date! April 26 will see the premier of our new EP, “I Believe!” We will have more news coming soon about where you can listen to the track premiers and buy or stream the songs. Also, we have some extra cool things we are trying to put together for the release, so stay tuned for all of that in future blogs over the next few weeks!

About the EP – we are going to highlight a song with each blog going forward until the release. The new music itself is a cool mix of sounds, maybe none cooler than the almost slick sounding space rock of the opening track. “We’ll Ride” is a great rock song about refusing to conform, refusing to be held back, ay, venturing out and finding you freedom. It was inspired by the frustrations that sometimes come with everyday life and wanting to get away. It opens with a slow instrumental build, just an organ and some funky, dissonant guitar, that gives way to the full band counting in, taking off, and rocking out. We think “We’ll Ride” is a perfect opening track and can’t wait for you to hear it and see if you agree!

I’ll be back with more EP details and more song info next week, featuring the second song “Today It’s Getting Better.” In the meantime, check out the alternate disc artwork below, and follow us on Spotify and enjoy some of our recent releases


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