Sonically Unique

I'm back, and super excited - less than a week until our new EP "I Believe" drops!!!  You are going to hear an amazing difference in our sound with this release: Fuller vocals, sharper guitars, tighter snare cracks. What happened? We're still DIY, lofi, and self-produced, but experience and taking a little time to figure things out with our recording tools (thank you Reaper Forums) has made a world of difference in our sound! So you'll hear great songs, but you'll also hear a greater richness in sound and texture!

 So to the EP, today’s song really shows off the advances we have made in the studio. "Sorry Don't Feed the Bulldog" is a slow burning rock song with a serious groove, a groove our new recording techniques made possible! Joe heard the phrase on a rerun of MASH a long time ago, and turned it into a killer track with a thrashing drum sound, a pulsing rhythm guitar, distorted slide, and a stingy lead.

One more blog before the April 26th release! Please stay tuned – you will not be disappointed!