Today It's Getting Better!!!

Hi everyone! I’m back!!! As you know by now if you’ve been following the blog, we have a new EP coming out April 26 titled “I Believe.” Today I’ll be talking about track 2, “Today It’s Getting Better.” We think every new song on “I Believe” is amazing, but if we had to pick a lead single / top track, this would be it! “Today It’s Getting Better” is a jangly pop song about being positive, or rather talking yourself into positivity.

It’s funny, because in its original incarnation, it was an extremely dark song about alcohol and depression called “Drunk Sad Man”. Yes, that title was horrible, and yes, the words were as bad as you are imagining!!! Fortunately, we shelved it until we could come up with a better lyric. And what’s better than pure optimism!

This gets to a bigger issue that I’ve had with writing at times - it’s a lot easier to pour yourself into a song when you are really feeling something, and typically the feelings that push you to have an outlet are the negative and sad ones. So a lot of our songs tend to come from a darker place. But I’m working on it, and you’ll hear some amazing optimism and joy in these songs, especially “Today It’s Getting Better.” It’s a killer song – catchy and bright, and very Big Star / REM influenced! Can’t wait for you to hear it!!!!