Victims of the New Math - History

1984 – Get really into sixties garage rock and 80’s new wave (via MTV)

1984 – Inspired to make music, buy casio keyboard and cheap guitars

1984 – Start writing songs – mostly because they can only play the easy chords and can’t play a lot of
songs they like

Mid to late 1980’s – Start listening to the Beatles, Stones, Neil Young, and the Band

1990 – Joe manages a studio in Pensacola Fl for Joe Scarborough (they went to high school together)

1990’s – Start writing good songs. Start recording at Joe’s home studio home on 4 track – several of
these songs make it to their debut in 2006 (Little Martin, On the Run Again, Tawni’s Tattoo)

1990’s-2000’s - Start listening to indie rock and lo-fi bands. Fountains of Wayne’s “Utopia Parkway”
inspires us to make an album

2004-2006 – Put together first album. Utilize some older recordings, plus record some new songs.
Uneven sound, emotionally a bit of a downer, but overall solid songwriting

2007-2014 – record occasional demos on old 4 track. Mostly spend time working, with family, and
raising kids, and listening to new music plus lots of David Bowie

2014-2016 – Record Satellite Head LP in Thomas’ home studio, sharing files via google drive for
mastering and Joe’s musical contributions. Pull 3 songs from the vaults and re-record, plus add 7 new

2017 –Record The New Victorians album of all new material

2018 – Working on tracks for 4th album, tentatively titled ”Afraid of the Dark”